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As a prominent Consultant, Psychotherapist, Conference Speaker and Author, Dr. Harlene Anderson has had many opportunities to share her insights on video. In this page you will find numerous links to videos on Harlene on the web.

Holiday Greetings 2017

Interview Harlene Anderson Udkast 2 at Kanankil Institute.

Harlene discusses the politics of collaborative practices at Kanankil Institute.

Harlene discusses the transformative nature of social constructionist therapy.

Tom Andersen and Harlene Anderson: Dialogues And Postmodern Connections

Good Mother, Bad Mother

Separateness, Togetherness: A Family's Dilemma

Supervision as Collaborative Inquiry

Constructionist Ideas about Psychotherapy

Harry Goolishian: Tales from the Big Book

Harry Goolishian: Conversations with a Blended Family


The Philosophical Stance

Shared Inquiry

Mutual Transformation and Uncertainty

Harlene Anderson discussing Conversational Questions with Chris Kinman- YouTube

Harlene Anderson and Not Knowing

At Insituto Kanankil - Harlene Anderson "Not Knowing"

Harlene Anderson discusses her hopes for the Taos Institute 20th Anniversary Celebration Conference

Collaborative Learning Communities

A little video-surprise by Narativ and company Brno, March, 2012

Gift Of Music - Harlene Anderson at Instituto Kanankil, Merida, Mexico

Tribute to Harlene Anderson at Instituto Kanankil, Merida, Mexico

Compilation of Videos on

-- Transforming Withness
-- Dr. Saliha Bava with Harlene Anderson: The Relational Thinking and Practices Series
-- Many more

A Shared Inquiry